Dear Diary

Today’s thoughts : Should I have waited?

(August, 27, 2020)

So let me backtrack and give you guys a little back story to this question. Before February of this year I was still a virgin. Yes… I was almost 30 years old and still a virgin. I got to the point where I just said, “fuck it.” I’ve tried numerous times to meet the right guy and fall in love; all that happy/sappy shit -_-, but it never truly happened. Couldn’t sit down and wait for a man to be all about me so I said fuck it and slept with the closest to said “happiness.” Can you guess what happened? It’s been more than a month and I haven’t talked to him. Now, don’t get me wrong he’s not exactly a fuck boy, I just couldn’t tolerate the way he talked to me. PLUS HE’S LACKING IN THE AFFECTION DEPARTMENT and me being me, I NEED THAT! Rub on my booty, grab my face and kiss me, or cuddle with me while we watch movies and smoke weed (or some shit).

Back to the question. Should I have? Long story, yes I should have. My mom was disappointed when I told her and I was disappointed because I waited so long and the result was some BS. I should have waited till I found ” Mr. Prince Charming” but short story I was horny as HELL. I actually liked him too, closest to a real dude that I found so I thought why not. Another thing that’s kind of weird, his name happened to be the name I’ve been saying would be the name of my husband since I was a kid. Eerie huh? Well that’s life. One body is enough for me until the right one comes along.

[ Bee signed out ]

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