Another day, another hurdle. It’s hump day folks.

Run that shit, run it back.

They got game and they always wanna play. So do you. The game is called life though for you. Forget how human beings maybe acting towards you and remember that there are a lot of two player games in this world, its just this one isn’t. Your life, your decisions, your actions, and your consequences. So forget the rest. Make today your day, make everyday your day. I’m going to keep repeating myself until it’s crystal clear in your mind that you don’t have to take peoples’ shit no more. You don’t have to bend over backwards for them but yet leave yourself carrying all the weight. Let’s remain focused on the main picture here folks, YOUR mental health. Fuck all the people trying to sink your deeper into self doubt and depression. I understand completely if you are in a terrible situation living where you do… some countries are poorer and have less opportunities so I am not speaking about them. I do hope something helps you get out of the situation you are in though because I know we weren’t put on this earth to struggle and be sad. For those who can possibly change their situation, DO IT! There’s no better time than the present to really nip the bullshit in the bud. It’s time for a takeover… mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually.

Stay safe. Stay humble. Stay Focused.

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