Inhale. Summer right before ninth grade is when it started. I used to be the kid who would tell everyone all the negative things about smoking weed. How ungodly it is. The effects to your body and mind. Basically any information I could use to turn people away from smoking weed because that’s all I was ever told. Until one day I was forced into smoking a blunt at the age of 13. WHOA! Boy oh Boy did it hit me…. Yah girl was talking to trees and shit, I thought it was sunny out when it was actually closer to nighttime. It was such a trip and I’ve been smoking ever since. At first, I did it to simply fit in: everyone was doing it and they could do all these cool tricks with the smoke so I wanted in. After some time and some trauma, it turned into a dependency. A getaway of some sorts of all the problems I was having in life: weed made it easier to cope, to socialize, and accept myself for who I am.

Exhale. Now some 15 years later, smoking for the most part is a means to calm this mind of mine. It constantly runs, my patience is thin, and I have a anger problem. Weed helps with all this: the anxiety, insomnia, the emptiness, PTSD, and it also does a great job on making my body feel relaxed or ready to take on a work shift. With that being said, I’ve also decided that I need to quit soon. It’s been a long time coming but I know now that if I want to take my life in the direction I want I have to cut out certain things in my life and weed is one of them. I will always be an advocate for weed until the day I die, I just think that smoking it is the WORST form. Try edibles, tea, oils and drops for a better and healthier result for your ailment; physically or mentally. I myself am going to try CBD to see how it could help me more than smoking joints. This might be one of my toughest trials to date because to break that dependency will be a battle. Still having problems but no weed to cope? This is going to be a rough road.. For now since I’m still smoking, shout out all my stoners. grooovy baby.

Ain’t no guarantees, but we know that.. people die every day can’t control that ~nip hussle .

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