Dear Diary

I don’t know what I’ve done as a person to get such disrespect from people… like forreal.. what makes someone decide to treat people so damn wicked. I don’t know what I’ve really done to give people a bad impression but that shit has to get dead. I don’t how but it does. Y’all doing too much at this point. I wouldn’t do the shit people do to me. It’s all good though because regardless they are lessons learned. I’ve learned that people can’t always be trusted, you really have to choose wisely on who you let into your life. I’m thankful for those who have truly had my back during the ups and downs of life: don’t think I haven’t noticed. I keep mental logs of everything and when the day comes that I am financial stable, we will all break bread together. I even remember the folks I don’t know personal who will definitely receive a check in the future because of how they’ve treated me. I know overall I am a good person, we all have our shortcomings. Nonetheless, I shouldn’t be treated like this nor should I condone it. So we changing that energy this month and for the rest of my life because I realize I deserve and can do better than what I am getting now. They might hate the new me because she won’t be taking no more shit, but hey… sucks to be you. bitch.

[Bee signed out]

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