Grand Rising everyone. It’s a new month and a new week to apply yourself to supply your wealth.

April was rocky but yet I accomplished some of the goals I had in place for last month. It’s crazy how much change can happen in your life when you are focused. With that being said, let’s remain focused also in this new month. There is a lot in store for all of us this month so be sure to embrace your blessings and acknowledge your struggles. May Take Over is all about goal crushing. We have all these goals we want to achieve but what are we really doing to achieve them? It’s one thing to sit there and say I want this or I want that, but how about actually making the steps towards doing that. So this month, small steps make loud noises. We are taking over the negative energy in the air and replacing it with positive. We are taking over the way people treat us and we are nipping that bad behavior in the bud. We are taking back those self doubts and replacing it will optimism. Changing the dynamic for the better is the goal for May. We switched up our health a little bit in April, now it’s time to switch up our thinking. Go-Getter mode unleashed for this new month.

Remember you can do anything you truly put your mind to, all it takes is dedication. This month, leave all the doubters, bullshitters, fakes, and snakes alone and focus on you. Being a better version of your overall self and helping those who truly believe in you. This month, we ain’t settling for less!! So let’s get it!! Welcome to May Take Over!

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