A Half Lie

Is this love? A Half-lying story

If you guys haven’t already heard, I grew up in a strict christian home. Church EVERY Saturday. For those wondering why Saturday, it’s because I’m SDA aka. Seventh-Day Adventist. We believe in God and worship on Saturdays. Isn’t it obvious my first love would be a little christian boy? Unknown to most, I liked one boy before I actually started the whole “dating scene.” A young sweet light-skinned boy at my old church, I’d just stare and say hi but nothing else. I was always a shy kid: still kind of a shy adult, just WAY more vocal now. We switched churches and I never got to tell him I liked him. Sucks. I seen him one time at a Camp Meeting years ago ( an event where all the SDA churches meet for a big evangelistic summit) and he grew up to be one fineeeeee asss MF! HERE is story of my “first love” or actually “puppy love.” We spent the days talking on the phone and held hands from time to time without anyone seeing. We tried to fool around once in my bedroom but that did NOT work out….. AT ALL. Our young love lasted a cool 11 months until I broke it off because I wasn’t interested anymore.

…….Well actually I got my cousin to tell him it was over because I was too scared.

…….Also, I didn’t break it off because I was bored, I lied. I broke it off because some of the church girls were being rude to me because I heard from people that they were interested in the boy I was talking to, so instead of the drama I ended it.

When you’ve been bullied your whole young life it turns you into something different as time goes by. You’re more sneaky, always trying to stay out of range, and you eventually start lying to cover up what’s really going on inside. That’s what I did. That’s what I’ve been doing.

Even with this story, I still don’t consider this as being in a relationship with someone because we were kids and it was just a playful love. This happened back in the early 2000’s and now in 2020 that’s my homie. LOOL! We grew up together regardless of what happened between us and that’s one of my closest family friends so either way I’m glad he’s still around.

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