Look at yourself

Happy Monday.

Day Five.

As you’ve read previously, I’ve incorporated some changes in my life to better myself mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. Today’s goal is : Look at yourself. Nothing is more necessary.

Look at yourself. Observe yourself. Go into yourself, because in this state as we are, we will create a monstrous world. You may go to the Moon, you may go further, to Venus, Mars and all the rest of it, but you will always carry yourself over there. Change yourself first ! Therefore to change, look at yourself, go into yourself – observe, listen, learn.

J. Krishnamurti

The change you want to see in the world has to start from within. My temper is short, my words are rash, I need to learn to take the time to breathe, think, and articulate a response properly. Last week I got a nice juicy dose of my own medicine when I was called about by a few people who see truly potential in me about my character. As bright, fun-loving, and genuine you may be, there are always room for improvement. For example: I am a very bubbly and outgoing person but I will also cuss you out if you irritate me; unprofessional and unhealthy. I’ve been nicknamed a lot of things growing up and two nicknames stuck with me until now: “walking ipod and walking dictionary.” People notice that any time a song places, more than likely I know it. They also noticed that I knew quite a few big words or the synonyms of words we use daily. The point I’m making is that I forgot that I can get my point across without having to swear and yell. I’ve been living life with my temper as a shield. Growing up being bullied all the time made me develop this hard shell around me which happens to be my mouth. The quiet girl is now the LOUDEST! With that being said, where has it gotten me? Nowhere good. Constant disagreements with others, loss in promotions because of my rash behavior, and many failed “situationships” with men. I have to learn to be the change I want for my life. The people around me can see the potential but I was the one who was blinded. I assumed my raw talent and personality would get me where I wanted but it only held me back. Look at yourself. Question yourself. Learn from yourself. The actions you took in the past can help you today more than you know, so tap into that old self and observe. Where did you go wrong? What can you improve on? Where is direction you want to take your life? How can you reach there?

Today’s goal is the give yourself an evaluation. What are the changes you can make about yourself today that will improve tomorrow? My first step is to control my emotions. Since the first of April, I’ve been trying my hardest to keep to this goal. 30 days of acknowledging my shortcomings and correcting them right when a situation tries to take me out of my zone. The long talk is dead. If people won’t take the time to hear your side of the situation then move on. If someone is attacking you in the messages: breathe, state your opinion calmly but sternly. If they still come at you, leave them alone. Wish them a lovely morning/afternoon/evening, and walk away. The most important thing is your OWN mental peace. I am someone who is quick to react and one of the goals was to stop that. Get to the root of the hurt, anger, irritation, or sadness and go from there. Mental Freedom is the ultimate goal here: to be free from the dark cloud that weighs your shoulders down and keeps you up at night.

Communicate with yourself and with others the change you want to make and do it now! There’s no better time than the present and the benefits are just waiting for you to collect them. Let your voice be heard in a more potent way. Learning how to communicate with others in a more proper way can help avoid a lot of problems. How you express yourself to the world is an important tool to learn because it is a tool you have to use in every walk of life. Business, friends, family, and with strangers; it also determines how far you will go with each individual. Are you more incline to listen to someone who can tell you how they feel calmly, or someone who is yelling at you? I’m sure we both know the answer to that question. If you want your voice to heard, you need to find your voice.

Don’t hate Mondays, make Mondays hate you.

Goal : Control.

Wellness Mission: We start back that 100squats challenge. 10 every hour from you start your day until you’ve completed 100. For example: if you wake up at 6am, 7am is when you should start your first 10 squats. This challenge is for every other day until the 30th so the next session will be on Wednesday, then Friday and so forth. I hope you guys will join me. 10 Minutes of Mediation.

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