Focus: New week.

Grand rising ladies and gentlemen, it’s a new week.

Remember that all the time and effort you put into now will determine what your life will look like 3-5 years from now, so take the action now. I’ve changed the rules to 90/20: work for 90 minutes on bettering your life then instead of taking a simple break for 20minutes, use those 20minutes to reflect and perfect what you’ve came up with in those 90minutes. Where we are in life now is because of the decisions we made years ago, so let’s change the curve for the better. We let our self-doubts and laziness stop us from our full potential and I want to let you know from now, there is more to this life that you can tap in to. Change your thinking: start investing, start saving, sell products, start a new marketing page, start trading, make Youtube videos, start eating healthier, and start exercising; change your life for the better. Nothing against those who work a 9-5 or are in school but those will only bring in certain amount of funds, if you want to reach a higher level: you need to get focused on long-term money movements. With that being said: let’s also not make money the most important thing to our lives. Let’s try to remember that in order to make this money and be the better version of ourselves you have to work on yourself: mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially.

Mentally: check on yourself, exercise your brain by reading more, get to the root of your depression and sad, talk to someone, start a journal of your thoughts and feelings to go over later, learn to control your anger or impulsions, and remember to always big yourself up every time you see a mirror.

Physically: place the right things in and on your body, take control of the health scares now, change your diet, exercise more, try out a new way of fitness( zumba, yoga, martial arts, pole dancing, weight training), check up with your doctor regularly, and cut out the bad habits (junk food, smoking, drinking, drugs, laying in bed all day, yelling etc)

Spiritually: whatever your belief is, get more in tuned with it. Pray more, mediate more, read the books for your religion, live the image of your religious leader, bring more people to church, keep blessing each other, and show the care your religion talks about.

Socially: smile more, remember to treat people with love and respect, change the dynamic in the air at your workplace, school, or home. Help those you can help, respect the space and boundaries of others, control your speech and manners, mind your business, and support those who need to be supported.

Apply yourself to supply your wealth: I’m not just talking about your bank account, wealth is also define in the way you carry yourself. I know life can be difficult and at times we are ready to throw in the towel, just remember you were fearfully and wonderfully made: change can be accomplished.

Have a safe, productive, and uplifting week. May the true desires of our heart and the dedication of our minds bring us all the blessings we deserve.

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