another week!

Grand rising folks and welcome to a new week. I will start by saying: thank you to the heavens for allowing us to see another Sunday morning, sleep in peace and bless those who didn’t make it to this far; we are thankful regardless. We have been given another chance to be great by waking up this morning, do not take that for granted. Go out and use the blessing you have been given to change your circumstance, better yourself, and help others. Remember, time waits for no one so don’t waste it being anything less than magical. I understand it’s hard to stay positive and hopeful in a world that seems so hopeless and negative; it’s an energy killer: one step forward, two steps back. Nonetheless, the gift of life is something to be truly grateful for and with that being said, let’s OWN this week!

Start the changes in your life that you’ve been putting off, have that conversation with that person you’ve been waiting for have, tell the person you are crushing on how you truly feel, or go for that promotion. Whatever it is in life that you’ve been hesitating on, make this week the priority for it. We don’t know what the future holds, by next Sunday some of us can be gone: you never know when it’s your time. Use the moments in time you have now to make a difference in the long term. You have the potential to be great, so use this week to make those changes that will benefit you in the long run. Remember to love each other and yourselves.

Have a safe, productive, and inspiring week.

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