Dear Diary

It’s the ones you’ve known the longest that can create the deepest wounds. I guess I’m the bad guy even though I was the one who was wronged… is it wrong to confided in someone you think is there for you? Maybe it’s just wrong to assume that people actually rock with you. You’d be surprised who your enemies actually are. It’s the people who when y’all get into an argument they wanna expose everything you’ve ever told them. Those people are one of the worst people on the planet. Never to be trusted, never to be forgotten. I’ve learned to forgive but I’ve also learned to never forget. You ain’t coming back thinking we gon be cool…. NEVER! Once you’ve been cut there’s no going back. Keep your secrets and thoughts to yours because people only use those personal moments as weapons when it’s convenient and useful for them.

& those people who can chill around the same people you don’t fuck with… careful with them. What they say back to them when you ain’t there?

Mind your business and watch your pockets; people aren’t to be trusted.

[Bee signed out]

2 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. Kass says:

    My long time friend! You have always been a person to speak truth and facts and that’s what makes you a great person! Keep doing this it will inspire a lot of people to come out and talk about the problems they run into , friends and family they now have trust issues with, the nitty gritty of the world we live in. I love this and keep doing you !!!! Your amazing 🙏🏽💙

    Liked by 1 person

    1. cartierbee says:

      Kass this means the world that you’ve said this because he you understand first hand! Yeah thank you for the recognizing the realness! I. Appreciate the comment! 💖🙏🏿


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