Dear Diary

It’s like every week I’m learning a new lesson. This weeks lesson: keep it to yourself. I mean everything!!! Your feelings, thoughts, emotions, goals, dreams, love, trust, respect, money, compassion, consideration, joy, energy, opinions, EVERYTHING! It doesn’t matter who you are or what you stand for to people if they don’t care then there’s no point in expressing yourself. So I will be staying mute and keeping my distance.

  • If I FINALLY get a boyfriend
  • If I win the lotto
  • If I’m feeling depressed
  • If I’m feeling angry
  • If I want a hug
  • If I achieved something I’ve been working hard on
  • If I get accepted into the school
  • if I’m pregnant
  • If I’m not cool with a mutual person
  • If someone I know just died

No one will know!! From this day forward: February, 25,2021. All accounts of my life will either be posted in short minor details on my blog or not said at all. The only person who will continue to hear my life story is my brother; unbiased and never talks what I say to him. The rest of the world will never gain my trust again.

Next step is removing all the negative energy and unnecessary people in my life. Good riddance and blessings always to those who are about to get CUT!

[Bee signed out]

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