Good morning everyone, I hope you have all been keeping safe and staying entuned with your star player.

I don’t know about anyone else but it’s been crazy since the last time I posted. My apologies for the late “new week” post, life just was moving too fast for me lately. I just want to start this off by saying that I am truly thankful for another week. I hope you are also. Blessings to all my readers and loved ones who have made it to see another week alongside me. Sleep in peace to those who didn’t make it to see this new day or previous days before. Life comes at you fast and sometimes you aren’t prepared for it; that is in part why I haven’t been posting as often. Now that time has slowed down a little bit, I am back with a lot of things to post about.

These days being positive has really been a huge task for me, it’s like no matter how hard I try something always seems to mess things up. I don’t know if it’s me, people I interact with, or simply a cosmic energy but yah girl has been drained lately. Thrown the towel in on life because it’s too much, but staying hopeful has changed that dynamic. I am thankful for my life, I am thankful for my body being able to do the tasks it needs to during the day, I am thankful that I ate today, and I am thankful that every day alive is a new day to make changes to my life. Thing get pretty bleak sometimes but there is always new beginnings waiting for you just over the horizon of your mental thoughts. Train your mind to think more positive and uplifting things. Speak blessings into existence. Trials and tribulations will always comes and a lot of the times you aren’t prepared for it, but keeping a clear, encouraging mind will help guide you through your toughest times. There are days when I don’t even feel like interacting with the outside world: I’d call in sick when absolutely nothing is physically wrong it’s just mental. Taking the time out to know and love yourself, heal your mind and heart, and tend to the most important goals you have in life in the long run will help you become a more content person. It’s not always about being better I should say, it’s about feeling better. We can all wear fake smiles, why not for once show one that is genuine? Leave the “relying on others or materialistic things to make you happy” alone and embrace the beauty of YOU!

Although we are already deep into the week, my wish for you all this is week is that you find peace, love, and happiness in your daily lives. I hope the struggles and the storms you are going through right now lighten up soon, and may your mind be at ease to allow positivity to cultivate in it. Thank you for reading and supporting. Let’s have an amazing Hump Day, and continue to #changethedynamic.

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