Good morning folks and welcome to a new work day. If you are not working, I pray your situation changes soon so we all can eat. If you are working, stay safe and try to have a productive work week.

A new week brings many things in store of us. Try tackling something new this week or work on a goal you’ve been putting off. No one is perfect so let’s both try to remain positive this week. I know for me personally, it will be a task but I am still determined to let this week pass by semi-smoothly. So shout out everyone hustling and trying to make it out here. My talented people just a moment away from truly showing the world their skills. My parents out there who hold down the Fort of the home for their family. My entrepreneurs coming up with the next best thing. My people’s hustle on the block, I know we know this is ain’t right but everyone’s gotta eat somehow; the world hasn’t made it easy for people to fall back in with the rest of society. Big up my 9-5’s waking up and hitting those hours daily for a pay cheque. Let’s get this money, get this body, and get our minds right.

Happy Monday 💙💫

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