When shit hits the fan, you find out who truly has you. His story just makes you look at your own story like : “same shit, different pitch.” You truly see who has you when life seems to be beating your ass like HARPO! The same ones who couldn’t wait to touch road with you, the same ones who didn’t hesitate to call you, the same ones who would tell everyone how good friends you guys are-are the same ones who will leave you high and dry. If everything was bless, you guys would still be coming around; if everything was “gucci,” you’d be ringing off people’s phone. This is why I’ve realized that it seems wiser for me to move in silence. Help me understand: is it a conflict of interest, ya’ll decided to expose, or did you simply not fuck with people from the jump? Don’t be calling people your friends if you going to be moving on some dumb shit. The Code is broken, these people can’t listen to reason anymore because they just focused on the next bag, and EVERYONE is not realizing that the people who claim to love you, DON’T! I see men getting caught up in females who would never ride for them if push came to shove. I see females doing the most for males who undervalue their efforts. #Changethedynamic. This year has made me re-evaluate my friend/relationships and how I’m going to move going forward. Sitting there and listening to another person’s story about how you cannot truly trust or count on anyone, meanwhile you’re experiencing your own version of the bullshit is crazy. I used to see certain people in a different light and that has changed now. People are NOT who they claim to be. I hope we can both take this chapter in our lives and make it profitable. I’m glad I finally got a chance to talk to him because I can relate in part to what he’s going through. Too often we push aside the emotions of a male because people made a stigma that a guy having emotions is un-masculine. Men are people too, they feel and react just like anyone else. It’s just harder for a man to express sadness than a woman. Wrong is wrong, but if we all wrong then you have no right to be calling me out. Check for those who check for you, the rest are some bitches.

[Bee signed out]

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Beginner Blogger. Starting something new that I’ve been putting off for a while. Canada.

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