Enough. It’s time that we understood that the feeling we hold towards life needs to change. Life is complicated: some days will have you feeling that you have everything figured out and then some days you want to give up. I get it, I’ve been there; I’m still there but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Stop focusing on where everyone else is at in life and become more conscious about yourself. Life is exactly like a roller-coaster: lots of ups and down, high and low emotions, scary turns, and euphoria moments that only end when the ride has come to a complete stop. Death. So why spend the ride worrying about another person’s ride experience? Everyone has their own battles or journeys to face so why go through this ride watching another person’s experience? No one is perfect and this year has truly made me realize this very thing. We as so quick to point out the flaws of another but can we say we’ve done any better? Can we say that we’ve reacted to every situation in the best way possible? Did you live your life to the fullest? Have you achieved all your goals? Most of us will have already answered no to at least one of these questions, so why not focus on a bigger picture? You. Forward thinking. There’s no time for pettiness when you know what you want out of life and are truly making the steps to make those dreams possible. Sitting around gossiping, being envious, and disrespecting your fellow man will not get you anywhere good in life. You want more blessings, change your dynamic. Your attitude towards life and the people who still have it. RIP to all those you didn’t make it this far, your lessons and blessings have not gone unnoticed. We’ve gotten so used to treating each other horribly, forgetting the morals and values we used to uphold, and in a whole: we’ve lost our compassion. Now I’m not saying to deal with the bullshit the world throws at you; fuck no, sometimes you gotta fight back. My point is, choose your battles: not everything deserves recognition. Instead of being petty towards that friend you don’t like anymore, wish them blessings and move on with life. Instead of holding ill-regards for that partner that did you wrong, wish them blessings and move on with life. Instead of letting out the negative energy on people who piss you off, send them blessings and move on with life. We have forgotten a key knowledge that emotions are always tied to the person who is feeling them; do you honestly think the people who’ve done you wrong care? Maybe they do, but do they? If they truly cared, you wouldn’t still be in your feelings as you are now. Let go of that hurt or disrespect that people have done to you, learn from it and apply the right steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again. By bettering yourself, people will take notice and wonder what has made you this way? PEACE! Nothing beats peace, knowing that no weapons formed against me shall prosper because I AM AT PEACE!

Speaking for myself: I keep realizing that the more positivity you place in the air, the more the blessings flow. Yes there are trials and tribulations; I’ve been going through so much during these past few months that I would have thought for sure I’d given up already. Been feeling like an empty soul floating about on the earth without an purpose, no true idea of where I want to go or who I want to be; simply just here. Hell, a part of me still feels this way but every day is new push forward. Even when I feel like throwing in the towel: fuck friends, work, school, money, showering, men….. HUMANS PERIOD, I still try and push forward. Always remembering that as crazy as it seems: there’s a means to madness. Forward thinking. You are worthy. You were wonderfully made and there is a reason you are on this planet. Sometimes people only remember you when you’re doing well in life and that’s okay, just know those are not the people you need as roots in your life. The world has changed but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be the change you want to see in the world; not everyone will have your best interest in mind but that’s the sign that you need to take a different route on that friend/relationship. Only YOU can turn your life around; yes the universe and people can sway some changes in your life but overall you have to be the one who puts their foot down and demands more for themselves. Even when you’ve had enough and you’re ready to call it quits remember this: You can do it, I believe in you, and there’s only up from rock bottom.

Peace and love guys.

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