Mary Jane. She’s the one thing that’s always in your corner when you need the support. I started smoking when I was young but the “stoner” title didn’t really fit me until a year later. I realized that I could use this plant as mental support for all the things that trouble my mind. It went from being something all the cool kids were doing to I actually need this in my life. I know all the harmful things about smoking so you don’t need to come at me about them, I still choose to smoke. I am quitting soon but nonetheless, this is an appreciation post about Marijuana.

This plant has helped me through the most stressful times and paved the way for the best nights on the town. Dealing with abuse, anxiety, insomnia, antisocial tendencies, and certain physical ailments weed really changed the game for me. It was like I was a whole new person. I talked more, ate more, and lived more. I let the plant take over my mind and body to the point where people who didn’t think I was cool before, did after. It brought me out of my shell and opened doors for more exciting things I wouldn’t have done if I wasn’t smoking. I met some cool ass people and made some iconic memories all because of weed. I wouldn’t recommend smoking weed to anyone, I’d say to use the oils for a more beneficial effect. If you already smoke then you know where I am coming from, weed changes things. My anger was and still is the biggest factor in my life; weed made it slightly easier to handle. Morning joints became the thing; they were always personal too, you have to start the day with a whole spliff to your face. NO sharing. Those jays saved a lot of people from my wrath and you guys should be thankful. LOL. I am not a morning person so naturally weed helped with that problem, I’d be high as shit and would greet anyone I saw with smiles and laughter even if I didn’t exactly wake up in the best mood. It brought some down to earth people into my life who I am still friends with till this day and it’s been over a decade. I turned into the out-going girl people didn’t really get a chance to see because I was shy and quiet growing up. Weed also helped me deal with the depression and anxiousness I always had: I’d smoke and within 20mins I was already laughing up a storm for whatever reason, blocking out the sadness inside. Yes I know weed wears off so the sadness does come back, that’s kind of the reason why I believe I’ve been abusing it. Regardless, weed always puts me in a better mood. I started to not care about what people had to say because the weed made me so damn chill and relax, I didn’t want to blow my high over some idiot. Shout out to all my stoners who understand this post and can relate to some of the things I’ve said. Shout out the people who just smoke to smoke. Shout out all the weed lovers, the true connoisseurs of marijuana and shout out the people who don’t smoke. This plant is a beneficial plant regardless of how you use it, just be mindful of the affects on your body and be sure to stay healthy. Thank you Mary Jane for 15 years of enjoyment. Yes 15 years. I am quitting the smoking aspect for marijuana but not the plant on a whole. It’s been a long time coming and I need to change my health for the better. Till then:

Roll that shit.

Light that shit.

Smoke that shit.

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