Real quick!

I’ve realized that you know what, sometimes it really isn’t you-you know. Sometimes people bring the negative to YOUR front door and your reaction is most times negative back. So I will say this as nice as I can: MOVE WITH YOUR MIXXUP! Move with that ignorant shit that makes people that have brain cells like me irritated. Is there a reason why you’ve decided to live this specific life? The most people can say about me when it comes down to interaction is that: I’m rude and I don’t come around as often as I should. I understand the rude part because I have a temper and if you don’t have brain cells (i.e common sense) we will butt heads.

sense is sense.


Don’t ask me a stupid question and don’t act stupid. It’s just that simple. Anything obvious, should not be said… On the part about me not coming around often has too many reasons to count. When it call comes down to it, I understand that it may seem like I’m full of excuses; most times I am. I can’t really speak too bluntly so I’ll lie about having something to do and that’s the reason I can’t come to check, but the reality is I’m laying in my bed. That’s the antisocial and lazy side of me coming out. Another reason is because before I didn’t have the means to make it to see people; I did take the bus for most of my life. One more bleak reason is because certain people can’t come to certain functions. You’re not going to being your group of nerdy friends to a dancehall peggy party; they’d be terrified. It’s hard out here for a pimp, I can only keep certain people around me when it’s time to touch road. No diss to the people who don’t touch road: more times I’ll come over and we’ll smoke joints as we talk about life; a link up I can’t do with another group of friends. So screw the politics and know that-that petty shit needs to dead. Instead of worrying about someone else: worry about yourself, your goals, your future, your mental and physical health. We got one life to live and y’all worried about what a next person is doing. Cut that shit. Let’s boss up and #changethedynamic. None of the secret envy, none of the he said/she said; move on from the disrespect and ignorance. Everyone fucks up in life but the strongest person is the one who is constantly getting back up from the pit and creating a better them. Who care what people have to say about you or what you have to say about people; the year is almost done and there’s plenty of blessings in 2021 for the picking. If you don’t like it, well then it sounds like a personal problem; fix that. Fix UP!

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