new week, new movements!

Happy Sunday everybody! It’s a new week so new things are in store for us.

Let’s use this week as stepping stones to the future we want for our lives. No more lackadaisical days but rather more days with pushing ourselves to the limit. This week will be slightly different from how I’ve been operating my website. For the next month, I’ll be posting later in the day rather than in the mornings. I want to see if this will be more beneficial in the long run because I understand we all have things to do. My fitness videos will still be dropped in the mornings so you can fully prepare your body for the day. I have switched my theme for the website and I am going to change the content you guys will be seeing; I’ve forgotten slightly about my wild side. So here’s to a new week filled with endless opportunities: seize them all!

Let’s have a wonderful, safe, and inspiring week.

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