Dear Diary


The way I have to give myself a pep talk to get up and come into work. When you’re mentally drained, every day becomes a mission. Like be nice becca, don’t cuss no one off…. don’t yell… try to smile… try and be happy. You say all that to yourself but yet you wake up ready to knock out the first person you see, you get to work ready to ask these birds “WASGUD” like Nicki Minaj did Miley Cyrus, and then you’re ready to head back home and shoo away anyone who steps on your property! I’ve realized the reason why I’m always so indifferent and moody is because I’m just tired. Physically and mentally. Tired of putting on a friendly face when on the inside I’m drowning in my own tears. Regardless of how I feel on the inside, I still push forward because you can never give up on your goals. I have goals I haven’t showed any one I know and I WILL reach them. That’s one thing about me: I’m lazy asf, probably one of the laziest people I know but when it comes down to something I really need to put my mind to or something I’m determined to do, I GET IT THE FUCK DONE! Waiting for other people to help you will only slow down your process. So becca even when you’re tired of being nice and tired of getting out of bed remember, this isn’t the life you want for yourself or your current/future family. So get up, greet the world, and mind your business. Your first mistake was leaning on everyone but God and yourself. So fake that smile until it’s real.

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Beginner Blogger. Starting something new that I’ve been putting off for a while. Canada.

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