Happy Sabbath!

Good afternoon and happy sabbath to my fellow Seventh-Day Adventist. As the day moves forward, remember: in all things give thanks.

What is the sabbath? It’s a day where we christians fellowship together in praises and sermons about God. We believe Saturday is the holy day and we disassociate ourselves from every day life on that day. This means: No TV, no cooking, no secular music(music that is not godly), no activities that don’t pertain to God and church, and basically anything frivolous that doesn’t uplift godly manner. This starts sunset on Friday until the sunset on Saturday. It’s a new day when the sun goes down in our religion so for a full 24hrs we observe the holy sabbath day.

Growing up following these customs seemed unfair because I wanted to be outside enjoying the weather or hanging with friends but in the end it made me the person I am today. It helped shape a certain kind of decor to my personality and ultimately, made me a better person. I view the world differently because of religion and my attitude towards certain life trials is more positive because my faith made it so. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about religion and faith but MY God is not a joke. As a natural human being and also because I am older now, I do have my questions about certain things; for example what did we believe in before black slaves were forced to convert to Christianity? Did we believe in God but didn’t have a specific religion or is there something I’m missing? Either way, I thank my mother for my upbringing because I held onto a lot of aspects of my faith because it truly made sense to me. Why not love your neighbour? Why not treat each other with respect? Why do you need to cheat on your partner? Why speak lies and steal from your friends? Sense is sense, so I agree that my body is a temple and I should treat it as such. Not everybody you meet that “WOWs” you deserve your body, mind, and soul. These are just a few of things we believe in but those alone speak for themselves because I know you agree with me. Living better; not only for yourself, but for the greater good is something I can get behind on. We have lost touch with our humanity and our morals and that’s; in part, why this world is pretty much fucked.

We need to get back into the loving our brethren and remembering that we all have one life to live and should cherish it to the fullest. Our trials and tribulations can be temporary if we put our best foot forward. Yes I know, easier said than done; that doesn’t mean to accept defeat. Possibilities become enlarge when we focus on the thing we truly want for our life. If you want better for yourself then believe in it; MANIFEST that blessing in your life and take charge of the process. Help doesn’t come while you sit on your ass, you have to go out and grab that shit by the balls. This is why even though I have my thoughts on my specific religion, I believe in the love and power of my God. He works in mysterious ways and when you think you aren’t being blessed just remember, you woke up this morning. THAT is a blessing in itself. I will never say religion is for everyone and that y’all need to get with one, but I truly believe we need faith in something other than the people who are in charge on this planet. There has to be a higher anarchy that watches over and deals the hands of justice on the world. I want to end this by saying that although I fall short of the glory of God, I am thankful that God still keeps blessing a sinner like me. The heavens have smiled down on me too many times to count that I can’t just sit back and not believe there is a higher being. Someone that even when you think all hope is lost, they show up in the Knick of time to solve your problems and give you that push to strive for more.

Blessings to all my fellow SDAs! Happy sabbath! Blessings to everyone who is reading this and I pray you have a wonderful and safe day. Remember that you were and are fearfully and wonderfully made. Do NOT let anyone tell you different regardless of who you are. Stay safe folks. 💙

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