Dear Diary

I’m stuck. Can you believe I can’t get TWO guys out of my head. On one hand, you have me worried about Guy A and asking the big question : Why? Then on the other hand, I’m still trying to get rid of the feelings I had for Guy B. – The spark was undeniable with the first one, all he had to do was smile and I was his. I’ve never experienced such a whirlwind of emotions with any other male before him, he was one tough code to crack but I was VERY intrigued to solve it. Only it seems maybe I wasn’t the one who was meant to figure him out, the one to steer him down the right path, guide him with love and support. Eventually I felt I couldn’t satisfy him the way he wanted so I had to leave it be. After all, if it’s meant to be it will be right? Maybe wrong; choosing to not have sex has some downfalls like for example: they might just go out and get it somewhere else even though you are their partner. The other guy was what I thought I wanted a guy’s character to be like. He was nice, smart, funny, chill, and down to earth. Always such a good vibe whenever he would come around to smoke. I loved how he would hold me in his arms as he slept. Type of guy to call you every day RIGHT after work and talk to you until it’s time for you to go to bed; perfect. Maybe not, everything that glitters isn’t always gold. Just like the guy before him, I couldn’t be who he wanted me to be. I thought he was good enough to give him my virginity but realized to him, I wasn’t good enough to be his girlfriend. I had to also leave that be.


Why can’t women move on as fast as the men do?

[Bee signed out]

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Beginner Blogger. Starting something new that I’ve been putting off for a while. Canada.

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